How To Be A Great Blackjack Dealer

If you are someone who is planning to become a blackjack dealer. There are certain things one needs to learn to make sure that you need to know. These tricks that are mentioned are for those who are willing to make sure that they get hired as a good blackjack trader. The casino schooling will only teach you the ways to shuffle cards as well as hand chips which needs to be done right. This is especially important to make sure that you protect and use you talents much efficiently. There are still many things you might want to learn that they do not teach in casino school. Blackjack dealers start off with the minimum wage and most of the dealers can increase their income by making sure that they are the friendly ambassadors of the casino. If you want to get the first impression you can learn these tips and make the most out of it.


This is one of the most obvious as well as the most difficult part of the job. It is extremely difficult as  you are tired of working the whole night. No matter what it is important that show a smile this allows the players to get interested in the game and will stay at your table for longer. Do not just stand like a rock make sure that you involve them and try to have a friendly approach whenever you are dealing with your players. A smile is one of the best ways to make sure that you are getting hired in the first place. Dealers need to be entertaining which gets them a higher chance at getting hired.

Get Along

There are many rules and regulations and you have to make sure that you as a blackjack dealer. Learn all of the rules and also learn to follow them to make sure that you spend a little bit extra time to watch your game. Try to make the whole atmosphere look fun and that too without any error. This can be much difficult but doing it the right way will ensure that you get respect and more money as well. Try to not argue and make sure that you have a specific and polite way of handling a very sticky situation.

Deal for the sky


Casinos have a lot of surveillance as you are being watched constantly. This is one reason why you need to make sure that you follow the rules. Try to learn that the bosses are in the pit and they will catch if you cheat. Try to breeze through your game without any problem to make sure that no body questions you integrity.

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